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Science follows nature

The future of nutraceuticals – We change the world of nutraceuticals with award winning Swiss made and patented MyCell Enhanced TechnologyTM

The Revolution

“The revolution of overall effectiveness”

After 15 years of extensive research, the scientists of MyCell™ Technology have achieved their goal to improve dramatically the bioavailability of nutraceuticals. Imitating nature they have done this by encapsulating all natural ingredients and make them more efficient. At the end we see outstanding results in stability, solubility, improved intestinal permeability, cellular targeting and extended half-life.


MyCell™ studies, imitates and improves the natural process in a safe, natural but much more efficient way. The MyCell™ encapsulated compound achieves water-solubility, is protected and can easily enter into the cell.

Status Quo

Bioavailability of regular products in the market

Poor absorption is not the only problem. Regular nutraceuticals have some disadvantages and many limitations.

It is relatively easy to develop products like tablets, powder or capsules containing food bioactive ingredients, but it is a real challenge to achieve a high bioavailability.

Bioactive food ingredients come with their own unique challenges. Curcumin, for example, shows low oral bioavailability, limited tissue distribution, apparent rapid metabolism and short circulation half-life.

We consist of water

Our blood, tissue and cells consist of water, up to 70% of the whole body. So, we are dependent on the water solubility of whatever we eat or drink. Studies show a general intestinal absorption of fat containing food with figures around 2-20% only, what means that we lose up to 80% of all fat-soluble compounds.
MyCell™ Enhanced Technology improved substances let you forget these worries, whatever you take in will be absorbed, close to 100%.


The human body is made of up to 200 different cell types and tissues, coacting with thousands of biochemicals, as an integrated system to maintain the body function. Year by year cells loose vitality by a lack of absorption of essential nutritients. We cannot stop this evolution but slow it down.

MyCell™ improves THE NATURAL PROCESS dramatically .


Micelles, wrapping molecules, are the preferred vehicles to transport drugs, vitamins or nutritients to the place in our body where they are required.

The new MyCell™ Technology allows micelles to become smaller and effectively transport active ingredients through tissues and cells, depositing agents in a more targeted way. This allows precise and reduced dosage and improves dramatically the effect of the substances. Due to the reduced dosage side effects are non-existing.