The bioavailability and increased overall efficiency of VITAMIC® Supplements

Our Products

Our aim is to create the most efficient products possible. To do that, we thoroughly research each component and address the most common problems with nutraceuticals, which are mostly related to absorption, efficiency, cell permeability and toxicity.

Regular Products are not very efficient

The market for nutraceuticals has expanded tremendously and this is no exaggeration. Nowadays, an incredible 80% of the global population prefers to use supplements. Nutraceuticals answer our desire for wellbeing.

However, most nutraceuticals only do a limited amount of good. Their ability to deliver key nourishment to the human body is limited by one major underlying cause: low oral absorption.



Poor Absorption is not the only Problem

Regular Nutraceuticals have different drawbacks and many limitations

It is relatively easy to develop a product such as a tablet, powder or capsule that contains food bioactive ingredients. It is much more challenging to achieve a high enough level of bioavailability for those products.

Each food bioactive ingredient comes with its own unique challenges. Take curcumin, for example: this ingredient has low oral bioavailability thanks to extremely low serum levels, limited tissue distribution, apparent rapid metabolism and short circulation half-life. Coenzyme Q10 is meanwhile challenged by low water solubility and chance permeability due to its large molecular weight.

How it Works

Water maintains the integrity of every cell in the body

We are water from top to toe. Our bloodstream is water. Our tissue is water. Our cells are water.

Considering that 65-70% of the human body consists of water, it should not be much of a surprise that we have trouble absorbing fat-soluble oral compounds. However, most consumers are not aware of this and assume they are getting the benefit of all the nutrients listed on a supplement’s bottle.

Tests show that, on average, only 2 – 20% of a fat compound taken orally will ever be absorbed. Put another way, our bodies will never have the chance to make use of a staggering 80% of the fat-soluble compounds we take.

Looking for an answer to this problem, we wondered: why not transform those fat-soluble compounds so that they can also be soluble in water? MyCell™ Technology does exactly that, allowing our products to easily penetrate the mucus membrane, enter the bloodstream and become absorbed almost instantly, with close to 100% bioavailability.

The cell is the basic, structural, functional and genetic unit

The human body is extremely complex. We are made up of more than 200 different cell types and about as many types of tissues, as well as literally thousands of different biochemicals, which either act alone or in concert to keep our bodies functioning correctly. No part of the body, from the smallest cell to an overall bodily system, works in isolation.

Over time, these cells lose vitality and the ability to absorb the nutrients they need. Our cells need to be fed, and the best way to do that is to deliver the nutrients directly to them.

VITAMIC® with MyCell™ Technology imitates the natural process

We mimic what our bodies do by themselves, in a safe, natural but much more efficient way. With VITAMIC®, the compound is encapsulated to achieve water-solubility, protect it and facilitate its entry into the cell.

Proven Results: Stronger and faster desired effects

Making fat compounds soluble in water is just one of the benefits of MyCell™ Technology. The  revolutionary method of creating nutraceuticals in a water-soluble form has proven results. Compounds are protected and more stable and the dissolution rate is enhanced. MyCell™ Technology introduces extended circulation, improved intestinal permeability and optimal cellular uptake.

Put together, these improvements boost bioavailability to almost 100%. MyCell™ -enhanced ingredients deliver natural products with fast and noticeable desired results.