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Developed for competitive athletes. Exclusive supplements for strength, endurance and speed.


VITAMIC® products have been developed to improve health issues effectively and quickly.
  • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION Vitamic® products have more than 95% bioavailability. This is an absolutely unique characteristic in nutritional supplements.
  • TOLERABILITY Even hours after ingestion, our products do not cause any unpleasant taste sensations, as they are 100% water-soluble.
  • EASY DOSAGE Due to the administration in drop form, a fine dosage is possible.
  • SWISS MADE Vitamic® products are developed and produced in Switzerland. Quality therefore comes first.
  • EFFECTIVENESS Due to the very high absorption in the body, Vitamic® products release a great potential of effect.
  • NATURAL AND VEGAN The entire Vitamic® product range consists only of natural ingredients and is entirely vegan.
About Our Products

We use high quality natural ingredients. Our products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Our products are completely water soluble, ideal to mix with your favorite drink.

Excellent ingredients in our VITAMIC products have one special and unique feature, it’s the outstanding bioavailability. VITAMIC supplements are micellised and are exclusively made to be absorbed totally  in the intestines. So our supplements can be transported undiluted and work effectively wherever needed. This is supplementation on the highest level ever possible.

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Check out these success stories from people already using our products.

Most of our case studies are based on Vitamic Biosen. Satisfied clients tell their stories in an authentic way, explain their problems they have gone through and tell what they did to have life under control again.

About Micellization

Micellization is used to improve the absorption of substances in the body

Micellization is a natural process that occurs daily in the body. However, this process is very energy-consuming. Therefore, the absorption of products micellated in the body does not take place to the extent that would be desirable. VITAMIC® products are already micellated, and are therefore absorbed to more than 95%. This makes effect without side effects possible.


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