About us

About us

Who we are...

VITAMIC® consists of a team of doctors and medical professionals with many years of experience. We have always strived to offer people the simplest and most natural solutions possible, and to date we have succeeded in helping people to remain healthy and vital well into old age. As doctors and technical assistants, we now bring our passion for nature and natural products to our latest project, VITAMIC®.

In our search for alternatives to medicines, we became aware of a Swiss company that received the highest pharmaceutical award in 2018 for its patented products. As a brand, VITAMIC® represents food supplements of the latest generation, with an unprecedented absorption (bioavailability) of up to 99%. There is nothing comparable on the food supplement market.

VITAMIC® proves to us that everything is constantly in motion, that the knowledge of mankind is constantly renewed, and that time-honoured knowledge combined with modern technology can help people to lead a fulfilled life full of health and vitality into old age.

We are celebrating 3 years of VITAMIC® - celebrate with us!

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