Vitamic Biosen®

Natural, innovative and unique

VITAMIC BIOSEN® is a revolutionary nutritional supplement in liquid form with an ultra-potent three-phase blend. It contains Turmeric, Frankincense and Vitamin C. Completely water soluble and with a bioavailability of over 95%.

VITAMIC® products have been developed to improve health issues effectively and quickly.

Promotes relaxation

Taking VITAMIC BIOSEN® is associated with a more balanced day, a more pronounced ability to concentrate and a reduced sense of stress.

Relieves pain

VITAMIC BIOSEN® contains curcumin and frankincense. Both ingredients have an anti-inflammatory effect. Combined with the very high bioavailability of VITAMIC BIOSEN®, inflammation can be inhibited and pain relieved.

Strengthens the immune system

Curcumin and frankincense are known in Ayurvedic medicine as immune-stimulating substances. They can be used to maintain a perfectly adjusted immune system. Vitamin C is another immune-stimulating substance.

Removes headaches

Headache is a symptom associated with many problems, some of them serious. For tension headaches, reducing stress and improving the effects on muscle contraction show excellent results.

Fights insomnia

Less stress during the day, a balanced daily routine and overall pain relief provide better sleep.

Improves mood

With pain relieved or even eliminated and enough sleep, daily life can be managed much better. This leads to a balanced and better mood.

Check out these success stories from people already using VITAMIC BIOSEN®.

Satisfied clients tell their stories in an authentic way, explain their problems they have gone through and tell what they did to have life under control again.

Micellization is used to improve the absorption of substances in the body

Micellization is a natural process that occurs daily in the body. However, this process is very energy-consuming. Therefore, the absorption of products micellated in the body does not take place to the extent that would be desirable. VITAMIC® products are already micellated, and are therefore absorbed to more than 95%. This makes effect without side effects possible.


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